Abhishek Bachchan’s penchant for Parsi cuisine


Abhishek Bachchan's penchant for Parsi cuisine 1If you’ve become a fan of Parsi food after watching Zarnak’s show on Masala tv, well then let me break the news that you’re not the only one. Oh yes! Abhishek Bachchan has joined the club as well.

The star is purportedly a huge fan of Parsi food and regularly visits a much acclaimed Parsi restaurant in Mumbai where he satisfies his taste buds with spicy dhansak and other Parsi delicacies.

Among his favourite dishes is the Beri Pulav; a Parsi delicacy prepared with rice. On his list of other favourite Parsi hot spots is the restaurant Britannia. As rumour has it, not only does Abhishek appreciate Parsi food but also his wife, Aishwarya, shares a similar fondness for Parsi cuisine. We know this because the caring hubby sometimes grabs a take away for his better half at home.

Aishwarya’s taste bunds have formed such a close bond with the Parsi dishes that she once called the owner of Britannia restaurant, referring to him as “Parsi unclu” and raved about his Beri Pulav over the phone. When asked when she would grace the restaurant herself, she politely replied, “Whenever you are open for dinner, uncle.”

Currently, the restaurant is open only for lunch. We wonder if the prospects of having one of the most sought after celebrity divas dine at the restaurant, force the owners to change their minds and introduce their dinner menu as well.


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