A Zartoshti man murdered and an old Zartoshti lady

It is reported (http://www.berasad.com/fa/content/view/11221/) that an addict (Muslim) man after knocking at the door of an old Zartoshti lady in Koocheh-Biug in Yazd and asking for some handouts, when refused for his request; attacked the woman by a piece of brick and injured her.
The next door neighbour, a Zartoshti man came to help the woman and was also attacked by the addict who attacked him with a brick. After injuring the (Zartoshti) man and while he was laying on the ground the addict throws his motor byke gas on him and sets him on fire.
Neighbors (Muslims and Zartoshtis) come to rescue, take the Zartsohti man to hospital, but he dies due to his injuries.
It is like an unfortunate crime case, we have to wait and see what the justice system does to this first degree murderer.
This a case of a Muslim murdering a non-Muslim (a dhimmi) and so it is to be seen what the punishment will be!

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