A single book holds a house of gold, says an ancient Chinese proverb, meaning the richness of wisdom can be obtained from reading and learning.

The wheels of
The Revolutions were
Turning very slowly
And as time went on
Picked up momentum
Reminds me of
The Revolution of 1789
The day Bastille was stormed
In the name of Freedom
Of life and  Liberty
As world watched the
Unchaining the shackles  of brutality
‘Cause the ordinary citizens
Wanted to live & breathe free!

This event took
Place 228 yrs ago
Even then people
Had a lot of common sense
As they wanted to chart
Their own course
Rather than be
Meek little lambs

Women who have
Been denied to
Practice one’s Faith
Do not let the
“Learned” deter you
‘Cause they are
Like the rest of us
Who just want to control
Including their ego & pride

They may wear white robes
Be well versed in
The Avesta or
Other sacred prayers
Routinely perform
Sacred rituals
Standing before the
Holy Fire
But they still will
Not make the cut
Unless until they recant
By professing that  Zoroastrianism
Is an Universal religion
Regardless of colour
Caste or creed

As I state in the end
Is all that matters:
Good Thoughts Good Words
Good Deeds

Choicest Happiness

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