A & T directory, Zarathushtis of Pakistan


The new edition of the A & T directory, Zarathushtis of Pakistan, is ready and available from Thursday 3rd December 2009 against a donation of Rs300 from the following:

Phiruza Birdie – Cyrus Colony
Roshan Mehri – Avari Colony
Sunnu Kandawalla – Mehrabad
Roshan Kamdin – Khurshedbai Chawl
Jesmin Chowna – Katrak Hall Compound
Behroze Khambatta – Parsi Colony
Zarine Byromshaw – Jamshed Bagh
Perveen Banaji – Anjuman Bagh
Toxy Cowasjee – other areas

This issue has :
yellow pages containing useful information for Karachi name, address with full details of every Zarathushti resident in Pakistan. CLI numbers for land lines both home & work as well as mobiles blood donors in Karachi / where to obtain safe blood. Email addresses of ex Pakistanis living abroad with towns, countries of residence.

The previous edition of 2006 is totally out of date. Please pass this information on to your family & friends especially those living abroad as at the time of giving their email details, showed interest of purchasing the same. Thank you.

Toxy Cowasjee for KZBM



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