A poor Parsi Doesnt earn Rs 50,000 per month

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MUMBAI: The Bombay Parsi Punchayet on Friday told the Bombay High Court that it considers a Parsi who earns under Rs 50,000 a month to be “poor” and hence eligible for allotment of a flat at subsidised rent.A division bench of Justices P B Majmudar and Ramesh Dhanuka was hearing a petition filed by Rohinton Taraporewala against BPP’s president Dinshaw Mehta and other trustees.Taraporewala, who is in his 60s, lives in Tarapur.

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9 years ago

Even well to do Parsis dont want to pay rent half as much as those paying whilst staying in slums. Take the outgoings of Khsurow Baug where the hoity toitty want to walk their poodle but will make ridiculous excuses if having to cough up for maintaining the building or for car parks. On the other hand it is quite known that some trustees of other associations and especially where there is no boundaries like in Dadar under disguise want the covenant to go away as they are sitting on huge pots of money then and also as it woulod… Read more »