A mausoleum resting on Mount Mehr Which may have been a worshiping temple


Mitra Dehmobed: Mount Mehr is a mountain at the foot of which 1260078460Takhte Jamshid lies.  After reaching Takhte Jamshid, you can pass by Mount Mehr towards the east, and after 50 km, on the rocks of Mount Mehr, you will see a structure which is called today ‘Eyvan Ghadamgah’ or ‘Ghadamgah Chashtkhar’.
Eyvan Ghadamgah is a half built structure inside a rock and built of stone.
This large building, cut from rock, has three stories with a height of 15 m.  Based on studies made, this building belongs to the Achamenian era.  Some believe that this place was being built to serve as a grave and some believe it was a worshiping place of the Achameanians.
Close to this site there is a spring of water which makes the theory of it being a temple stronger.
In his studies made in 1331 (1952) Dr Wandberg (Austrian) has stated:  “Since the building is incomplete its purpose is not clear, but because of a spring of water that was flowing close to this site till some years back, it could have been an open area temple.  Dr Syed Mohammad Taqi Mostafavi has also mentioned this place to have been a religious place of the Achameanians, in his book “Land of Persia”.
Eyvan Ghadamgah is also called Eyvan Chashtkhar because it is located close to a village by this name.  Archeologists have estimated the age of this village as far back as the Achamenian era.  Close to this historic site there is a graveyard in which graves from pre-Islamic and Islamic eras are found.
Eyvan Ghadamgah was registered in the list of national heritage in 1331 (1952).  But, unfortunately, not much research has been made on this site.
Eyvan Ghadamgah is part of the ancient city of Arsanjan in Fars province.


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