A Fabulous Book- ABCs for Zarathushtis


NouRouz Pirouz To You All

From Meher Amalsad, Westminster, California, USA

Please Share This Gift Of Knowledge and Wisdom.

A Special NouRouz Gift For our Future Generation As Well as our Senior Generation.

My dear Global Zarathushti Friends:

My good friend Anaheet Guzder has authored a fabulous book titled:

ABCs For Zarathushtis

An Alphabetic Introduction To The Concepts, Teachings and Customs Of The Zoroastrian Religion.

Please support this superb work by sharing it within the circle of your family and friends.

With love, light, appreciation and gratitude from Meher Amalsad
I wanted to reach out to you and request circulation of my book, ABCs for Zarathushtis via the website:
An illustrated, alphabetical introduction to our religious customs and traditions, this book makes an excellent gift for Navroze.
If you could please help spread the word to the community, I would truly appreciate it! Priced at only $15, this book is informative, educational, easy to comprehend and loved by children and adults alike.


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