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Who: 18-35 year old Zoroastrian Youth from around the world
What: Sign up for the World Zoroastrian Youth Congress today!
When: July 1-6, 2019
Where: Los Angeles, CA USA
Why: Learn about the Zoroastrian religion, network with peers and other professionals, and make new friends from around the world!
How: Click the “I’m an Early Bird” button below…use the code FIRST100 to get the early bird price of $399.99!

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What is a Youth Congress?

Theme: A Global Zarathusti.

As the first youth congress took place in California in over twenty-five years ago, this congress is a milestone event where we can recognize the progress and shortcomings that our community have faced over the last twenty-five years as the original youth groups have now transitioned into adulthood. Now, it is time that we re-energize our youth and engage them again to build a better Zoroastrian community in an increasingly globalized world.

We plan on encouraging the youth to attend and take place in the ABC’s of the congress.

Academic: What updates have taken place in our understanding of the religious and historical literature regarding Zoroastrianism over the last twenty-five years?
Business: What professional opportunities are Zoroastrians thriving in across the world and how can we continue to thrive professionally and entrepreneurially going forward?
Community: What can we do to reignite the flame as our community continues to expand across the world?

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EARLY BIRDS: Register as soon as you can!

For the first 100 buyers, we have tickets available at US$ 399.99!

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The ticket prices will increase significantly as time passes (up to $599) so buy now!

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